Posted by: travelrat | January 31, 2011

New Goddess Pictures and Continental Market Video

I promised a better picture of ‘The Goddess’ when I posted about it last week, and here it is; in fact, there’s two!

And, since I’m feeling generous, I’ll post a video as well. Like most WordPress users, I had my summary for 2010 earlier this month. It said my most visited post was about the Continental Market, in Salisbury. (

I visited the market in April mainly to make some video, a project which, you will remember, I put on hold until I could find some suitable royalty-free music. The other day, I got steered to Quantum Music Works ( so was able to complete it, and clear the decks before I leave for Dubai next weekend.

But, more about that later.


  1. Hi Keith,
    Wonderful photo’s, the Goddess really does stand out, I love it.
    You did a great job with the video, the music goes really well with it, and that market, I’ve never seen anything like it, the food looks delicious, what a great place it seems to walk around. I can only imagine the wonderful smells there must be as your going from stall to stall.

    • She’s beautiful, isn’t she? I hope, when she finds a permanent home, it’s where the public can see it, not hidden away in a private garden, or something.

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