Posted by: travelrat | January 28, 2011

Fraser Island Video

Fraser Island: 29th July 2010

As usual, I’m summarising our day on Fraser Island with a video … and a link; . I suppose the acid test of any attraction is: would you visit it again?

I certainly would, and would probably ‘go it alone’ … although I’d miss the guidance and advice of the excellent Woody. I know only 4WD vehicles are allowed on the island, and I wonder if a quad bike would be classed as a 4X4? That really would be fun!


  1. Hi Keith,
    A fantastic video, you did a wonderful job with it. It was nice to see a bit of the blue sky come out, but still even with the bad weather it is a lovely place.
    I have never seen a quad bike on the Island, so I don’t know the answer to that one, but your right it would be fun.

  2. Really impressive video. Tourism Australia should give you a job – you really do a lot to promote the country. Brilliant!

    • Hmmm! Think if I worked for a tourist board or something, my objectivity might be called into question.

      But, if someone was to pay me and allow me complete freedom to say what I liked …. 🙂

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