Posted by: travelrat | January 24, 2011

The Goddess

I’ve got to admit, this is by no means the best picture I’ve ever taken. My excuse is that it was darker than I expected, and I only had the little Panasonic, which has no flash, and no means of attaching one.

But, I did manage to ‘MacGyver’ something together, and, hopefully, maybe visit AR Metalcraft later on, and get a much better picture.

Which raises the question … what is it?

On Wednesday, they held Winter Solstice celebrations around the statue of ‘The Ancestor’, outside the Holiday Inn. They held it nearly a month late, because, on the actual day of the Solstice, a raging blizzard and a power cut forced them to postpone.

During the celebrations, they revealed the latest work from AR Metalcraft, the creators of ‘The Ancestor’. It’s a far more delicate, feminine figure than the brutish ‘Ancestor’, and represents the pagan goddess who was supposed to carry the light across the longest night of the year.

They still need to think of a name for her, and are trawling the Celtic, Norse and Teutonic pantheons for something suitable. I thought, first, of Eostre, the Goddess of Spring (from which we get the word ‘Easter’). I don’t know if there’s any connection or not, but ‘Eos’ is also the Greek word for ‘dawn’.

Another name I thought of was Freya … she was the Norse goddess of love, beauty and fertility and many other things; she was, by all accounts, a very multi-skilled lady. Which has nothing to do with bearing light … but I like it!

Visit AR Metalwork at


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  2. Hi Keith,
    I loved the names you thought of, especially Freya, and why wouldn’t you like that one the best. 🙂
    AR metal work certainly put a lot of work into their statues. I also enjoyed the video’s in the article on Summer Solstice at Stonehenge, everyone looked to be having a great time.

  3. Hi Keith
    Thankyou for this. Have linked to Facebook, here is a link to some better pictures.
    It was lovely to meet you the other night and hope you had a good time. Very happy for you to come and take some pictures.
    Speak soon

    Always helps to attach the link!!

  5. Hi Keith,
    I also think that Freya would be great as a name for this goddess.
    Eos somehow makes me think of ‘eon’, which has a different connotation.

    • You’ve been in the States too long, Viv; we spell it aeon … (or, more correctly, æon). Over here, eon is a utility company! 😀

      Hope to be able to show more of Andy and Michelle’s work in the future.

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