Posted by: travelrat | January 21, 2011

Cliffs, Creeks and Dingoes

Fraser Island: 29th June 2010

Fraser Island is composed entirely of sand. There isn’t a single rock anywhere in the place. But, in places, there are some pretty impressive cliffs and pinnacles, formed entirely by blowing sand … which may well become rocks in a few million years!

We were taken to see some of these cliffs, to see the different coloured layers in them. Then it was to Eli Creek, the largest creek on the island, where several tour buses … and two aeroplanes … gathered. Like others we’ve seen, Eli Creek flows silently over the sand, and it’s a place for swimming … or at least bathing. The beach, sadly, in spite of its magnificence, is no place for such activity. If the sharks and jellyfish don’t get you, the currents will.

It had warmed up, and brightened considerably since Lake Mackenzie, so it was less of a hardship to slip into the clear waters of the creek, and swim, or just let the current carry you, down to a pool on the beach. It seems even the creek is reluctant to enter the sea, too.

On the way back from the toilet, I met a tour guide sitting on a rail nearby. Stay and talk, he requested. ‘I’ve just seen a small boy going into the toilet on his own. I want to see him safely back to his parents, but I wouldn’t want anyone getting the wrong idea’

The tour guide’s fear was dingoes, about which we had been warned everywhere we stopped. Keep your children by you at all times, most guides advised … which someone had apparently disregarded.

(Cue Meryl Streep: ‘A dingaw stawl moi boy-bee!’)

The Fraser Island dingo is the purest there is, and they don’t want the bloodline contaminated. For this reason, domestic dogs aren’t allowed on the island. There aren’t as many as there used to be; in fact, we didn’t see any … until, ten minutes from the boat back to the mainland …


  1. Hi Keith,
    Fraser is such a beautiful spot isn’t it. Yes it certainly isn’t the place to go swimming except the lakes of course, but as you may have seen a perfect spot for beach fishing. The dingos are around and a complete nuisance to the people that are camping, you have to make sure the esky etc. is firmly shut, best to have a clipped esky, as you can come back to your camp site and the food what’s left is scattered everywhere.

    It’s sounds like you had a fantastic time, I’m glad the weather cleared up a bit for you while you were there.

  2. Hi Keith,
    I was reading the paper this morning and come across this and thought you may find it interesting.
    Dingo attacks tourist on Fraser Island.

    • Interesting!

      I’m sure she was warned, though, and seems to have been briefed on what to do if confronted by one. I only hope that it’s accepted that these things happen occasionally; thank goodness the lady wasn’t hurt very badly.

  3. It is so funny about Meryl Streep, isn’t it? She has had such perfect accernts in her other films but her Aussie accent was a little off. We are very mean in our household because we make fun of her all the time. She’s just not fair dinks!

    • I found it a little annoying that there are quite a few Australian actors that could have played the part. Linda Hartley (Kerry Bishop, in ‘Neighbours’) came to mind at the time.

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