Posted by: travelrat | November 17, 2010

New Valdelavilla Video

Valdelavilla: 17th September 2010.

This video is quite an improvement on the one I previously posted. However, since I’ve told about Valdelavilla and what Vaughantown is about, in previous posts and videos, I will refrain from repeating myself, and not make a commentary; just let the pictures and the music (Thanks, Kevin! This is one of your best!) do the talking


  1. Hi Keith,
    A wonderful video, everything looks lovely and green.
    Looks like a very small road down to the village, there seems to be a lot of roads like that over there.
    As I have said before, I love the old houses, they seem to have a story to tell.

    • You know, I think you could make a great movie there, set in almost any time period you liked.

  2. It always looks like you have fun there. It is a gorgeous place. I hope to get to visit there one day. The music, as always, is just perfect!

    • It would be a great place if you just wanted to walk and/or spot wildlife. But, I think the complex was really intended for conferences and such, where there weren’t too many distractions …

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