Posted by: travelrat | November 1, 2010

Arrival at Valdelavilla

Valdelavilla: 12th September 2010.

After passing through Soria, we turned off at the giant dinosaur statue to head for the village of San Pedro Manrique, where we took the winding mountain road to Valdelavilla. It didn’t appear to have changed since my last visit in 2006, but my appreciation of the facts then may have been wrong.

One of the Spanish guys said they did have electricity and running water, and the reasons for abandoning the villages around here weren’t the difficulty of providing these. What happened, he said, was that the sheep farming in this area was no longer profitable, and the land was given over to forestry.

Nevertheless, mobile phone coverage around here is still almost non-existent, and, although wifi is available, it’s painfully slow … all I could do was occasionally check my email, and reply to or acknowledge the more pressing.

In the evening, we met the Spaniards, and I was immediately reminded of the Colombian policeman, ‘One-of-Three-Josés’ in Andy McNab’s ‘Immediate Action’. We had four Josés! … or, strictly speaking, two José-Luises, José-Miguel and José, who preferred to be called Pepé. So, we weren’t really in any danger of getting them mixed up.

So … mobile phone off, Netbook just used for typing up a few notes in my free time; time to go to work!


  1. Hi Keith,
    About 8 minutes ago, someone posted in the forums that they were having trouble getting images into their blog:-

    Hopefully soon someone my have some answers.

    Sounds like you had a bit of an adventure. I should imagine once people couldn’t make anymore money, it was time to go to other things. I hope they got paid for their land, you never really know in some of those type of places.

    • I just tried from my laptop, which uses Firefox instead if Explorer, & it works fine.

    • Seems to be running on all four now!

  2. Hi Keith,
    Oh, it looks gorgeous, I love stone cottages, they just seem to have some character about them, it’s like they are trying to tell a story.

    It’s 1am here and I not long got Hubby off to work, so I’m off to bed. Will drop back in tomorrow.

    • You’d love Valdelavilla, then! Especially in the morning, when the early sun falls on that golden stone. But, like my Grandma used to say … you can’t eat the view ….

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