Posted by: travelrat | October 29, 2010

Famous Montville Pies


Montville: 26th July 2010

We stopped for lunch in Montville, a pleasant hill town. Here is the Sambuca Cafe, which claims to be ‘home to the Famous Montville Pie’. This, I had to try!

After all, just because I’ve never heard of it before doesn’t mean it isn’t ‘famous’ … it wasn’t till later I found out that just about every bakery in Queensland whose pies aren’t downright disgusting claims them as ‘famous’

The pie, when it came, was the traditional Australian beefsteak pie, with mushy peas and gravy. Not a million miles from the South Australian ‘pie floater’, but not quite like it. There were mushy peas, rather than pea soup, and gravy. And, the whole thing was topped by a little Australian flag. So, maybe different enough to substantiate the claim that the pie floater is ‘peculiar to South Australia’?

I made another discovery here, too. Bundaberg Ginger Beer! This is what ginger beer should taste like … indeed, used to taste like at home. You can get it all over Queensland; indeed, the whole trip was punctuated by what Enid Blyton would call ‘ … lashings and lashings of ginger beer’.

That is, when real beer wasn’t appropriate!


  1. Hi Keith,
    I love going to Montville, I love walking around and having a look at all the little shops and their treasures. I find it an ideal place to buy something for someone that has everything.

    I must say, I have never had one of their pies, but doesn’t surprise me that it has gravy, and real mushy peas. I must say I love the little flag, what a good idea.

    The ginger beer is famous (for real), and a lot of people drink it, the Bundaberg ginger beer will out sell all the others, and it is made with all local ingredients.

    • I agree completely; we had a wander round the shops, and I think the phrase most often uttered was ‘So-and-so would love that!’ I think Montville, and the other former hippy colony mountain towns we visited (Kuranda and Mt. Tamborine) would be great places to do your Christmas shopping.

  2. Bundaberg ginger beer is fab and if I’m not mistaken, Qantas serve it!

    And I think it’s available at Waitrose here.

    • It took me right back! My great-aunt used to be married to a maker of ‘… carbonated, aerated and mineral water’and my favourite was his ginger beer. I tell you, kids brought up on cola don’t know what they missed.

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