Posted by: travelrat | October 25, 2010


Medinaceli; 12th September 2010.

Even if I’ve been to a Vaughantown programme location before, they usually have something new to show. This time, it was our lunch stop in a hilltop town called Medinaceli.

When I went to Valdelavilla before, our lunch stop was at a rather anonymous service area, where we sat on a wall, and ate sandwiches handed out by the director. This time, we were to have a full, 3 course meal, with wine, if we wanted it.

We were handed an information sheet about the town, which gave details of what’s to be seen; a Roman arch, one of only three arcades left in Spain, the Collegiate Church and the palace of the Dukes of Medinaceli, which contains Roman mosaics inside.

But, alas, we saw none of these things … time was tight, and we had lunch to get through. But, I was able to take the camera for a short walk, and find the Plaza Mayor … and, I think, the Arcade??

Even though I’d never heard of the place before, it would seem that it’s a favourite place for local people to drive to for Sunday lunch. There are extensive views, and there are lots of lovely old buildings to admire. In fact, the town has been declared a ‘Historic-Artistic site’.

I’d really like a longer time to look around this place; maybe next time, I’ll skip lunch?



  1. What a shame you didn’t get the time to check it out. It looks intriguing. Might be a few ghosts there….

    • I’m sure if there are, they are very nice ghosts … probably ones who think death’s too short to go around frightening people. It’s that kind of place.

  2. Hi Keith,
    What a beautiful looking place. Just by looking at the photo’s it makes you want to know more about the historic side and it’s people.

  3. I will be posting a short video clip on Flickr in a few days; not right away, though, as I’ve reacehed my quota for this month.

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