Posted by: travelrat | October 20, 2010

Maas Cruise

Maastricht, 13th July, 2010.


If  ‘a river runs through it’, there’s a pretty good chance that someone offers cruises on that river, and Maastricht is no exception. The main cruising company is Stiphout, the same tour company that operates the less than satisfactory bus tour I wrote about last week. But, I found nothing to complain about in their river cruises. There’s a good selection of these available , ranging from a 20-minute trip up the river to the St. Pietersberg caves to longer trips to Liège or Vise.

We took the cruise up to the caves, and found the boat well turned out, with the woodwork highly polished. There’s a large, comfortable lounge, in which we had a beer, and in which meals can be served on some cruises. They gave a commentary in Dutch, French and English, and the whole thing made for a pleasant experience, at a reasonable price.

The boat lets you off at St. Pietersberg, and you can get on a later boat which will take you a litle further along the river before turning round and returning to Maastricht.


The main reason for calling at St. Pietersberg is to visit the caves. If you recall, when I posted about my visit to Amsterdam, we were surprised to find that wine is made in Holland, and good wine at that. The Apostelheuve Winery is near here, and I’d tried to arrange a visit. Unfortunately, the Tourist Office advised that the winery was closed to visitors for refurbishment, but, on the slopes of St. Pietersberg, there’s a vineyard, claimed as the oldest in the Netherlands.

It dates from 1967 … hey, I’m older than that!


  1. Hi Keith,
    You are so right about a cruise if there is a river.
    The boat looks really nice, and as you said the wood was polished, it seems someone cares a great deal for the boat.
    A large comfortable lounge, sounds like an ideal place to sit back relax and have a drink, I’m one of those people that love to be up on the top on these type of cruises, my husband as well, I’m always worried I may miss something. 🙂
    Did you do a post on the caves at some point? I would love to have a read and find out a bit more.

    • I like the sort of timelessness of this particular boat … it could have been built ten years ago, or eighty!

      I’ll be posting about the caves next week …

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