Posted by: travelrat | October 18, 2010

Back to Spain

Madrid: 11th September 2010.

There’s always something new at Vaughantown. This time, it was a change of venue for the ‘meet and greet’ tapas party, and the pick-up point. The ‘new’ location is near their offices near the Bernabeu Stadium … in Eurobuilding 2, about which I’ve said less than complimentary things in the past.

However, the basement bar, El Serpentin, is companionable and comfortable. And, it’s much more convenient for me to drop into on my way to my hotel … wherever it is! You see, all Metro trains from the airport terminate at Nuevos Ministerios, and Cuzco, the nearest station to the Eurobuilding is only a couple of stops from there.

There was plenty of wine and beer, and, as usual, the tapas were great; I didn’t want any dinner afterwards. But, I was thinking about breakfast. Once more, I was staying at the Travelodge Torrelaguna, and you know my opinion of the breakfasts there!

At our ‘old’ pickup point, in Plaza de Chamberi, there was nowhere open at that time of a Sunday morning, till Café y Té opened a branch there. But, I had noticed a ‘Bugger King’ near the Metro station. Could I get something there? No such luck; they didn’t open till 10 a.m.

But, El Serpentin was open, and I could get a coffee and a pan chocolate while I waited for the bus to whisk us to … what?


  1. Hi Keith,
    There is nothing worse than trying to find something to eat and nothing is opened, we have a few places like that as well, seems to be a problem in a lot places around the world.

    Pan chocolate? Pleas enlighten me.

    • Literally, it’s ‘chocolate bread’ … a chocolate-flavoured croissant I always make a bee-line for if it’s on offer. I have seen it applied to a sort of bagel, and to a chocolate-covered dougnut sort of thing, too.

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