Posted by: travelrat | September 10, 2010

Hong Kong Video

Hong Kong: 21st July 2010

I’ve already posted about how even our short visit to Hong Kong was curtailed by the weather. But, we did brave the elements on a couple of occasions … I just couldn’t leave without more pictures than ‘A Wet Nathan Street, from our Hotel Room’.

Among one or two other things, I managed to get one for my ‘Lady Struggling With Umbrella’ collection, most noted, I think, for the brightly-coloured umbrella she was carrying in the grey conditions.

In fact, I think all umbrellas should be brightly coloured … by law! (Mine’s blue and yellow; what’s yours?)

Oh, and, of course, the video …


(And here, I take a short break, while I do another Vaughantown programme in Spain. I’ll post ‘live’ if I can; if not, I’ll resume in a week’s time.

Hasta la vista!)


  1. Hi Keith,
    Yes the lady does have a very bright umbrella it certainly does stand out.
    Hubby and I both have the same umbrella, they are silver (not grey) with a large white stripe with a small black stripe. Best umbrellas we have ever had. They were given to us by Thai Airways, and there is no logo on them either. Came in very handy I can tell you.

    Yes you can tell in the video how awful the weather was, what a shame, but of course you can’t do anything about that. The lights look wonderful in the video as well.
    Will be waiting to hear all about it. Enjoy.

    • Lorraine has a really nice red batik one she got from Singapore Airways some time ago; mine is a huge golf umbrella … a ‘freebie’ I got from my car dealer ages ago. Still looks good, despite the Renault logo on it.

      One good thing came out of the tropical storm in Hong Kong … at least we didn’t spend very much!

  2. What an excellent choice of music to accompany this interesting aspect of Hong Kong.

    • You must have a look around Kevin MacLeod’s site ( He’s got music to cover just about every mood.

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  4. […] Kong, China Keith Kellett presents Hong Kong Video posted at Travelrat’s […]

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