Posted by: travelrat | September 3, 2010

Hong Kong

Hong Kong: 21st July 2010

We spent the night in Hong Kong, as the wait between aircraft was a little too long to spend sitting around an airport concourse.

Our room … or rather suite … at the Kowloon Hotel was ‘way up in the gods’, and the large picture window gave an excellent view down Nathan Street … unfortunately, the weather wasn’t all we could have wished for, for we arrived in Hong Kong at the tail of a tropical storm. And, the waterproofs we brought with us were of the flimsy ‘stick it in the rucksack in case the weather-man got it wrong’ kind, so a lot of the planned exploration had to be curtailed.

But, we did venture out in the evening, to stroll along a kind of promenade. Notices along the prom said that the evening’s ‘Festival of Light’ had been cancelled owing to adverse weather conditions. But, there were still crowds of people there, and, as you can see from my photo, even the ‘normal’ lights of the city were pretty spectacular.

I did note, though, during the day-and-a-bit we spent in Hong Kong, I didn’t see a single cheong-sam. Maybe, if the weather had been kinder, and we’d been able to explore further afield … ?


  1. Hi Keith,
    I have not had the pleasure of seeing Hong Kong, but the lights do look fantastic, and you can see how bad the weather was by the look of the sky above the city lights.

    I have seen photo’s of the “Modern day cheong-sam” and some of the dresses are really beautiful, what a shame you didn’t see any, you may be right it might of had something to do with the weather.

    • There’s some video going up next Friday … fairly short & not much in it, which could also be said of our short visit.

  2. I like the lights too. The harbour is probably the most striking part of Hong Kong. Shame the weather was so bad.

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