Posted by: travelrat | August 21, 2010

Captain Cook in Red

Close to our accommodation in Cairns was a gigantic model of the old-time ‘soldier’.


‘That’s supposed to be Captain Cook’ said the taxi driver.


‘But, he’s wearing a red coat!’ I said ‘Cook was in the Navy, and would surely be wearing a blue jacket’


The driver said he did, originally, but had been repainted in the colours of a local football team.


‘But, don’t ask me which one’ she said ‘There are about five flavours of football in Queensland, and I don’t follow any of them!’


Further enquiries revealed that there had once been a plot to make over ‘Wor Jimmy’ into George Washington.


‘That wasn’t really very well received at all’, said my informant, in what was probably a gross understatement. But, at least, he’d probably have got a blue coat!


  1. Hi Keith,
    That really is hilarious, how on earth could anyone of done something that stupid!! The statue really does look stupid, considering it’s North Queensland.

  2. Only the Queenslanders would repaint Captain Cook. That is hilarious. I love it!

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