Posted by: travelrat | August 13, 2010

Australia Zoo

To quote the late Steve Irwin: ‘Crikey! Take a look at this little beauty!’


First impressions of Australia Zoo is it’s bigger than I thought, but otherwise, it came up exactly to expectations. And, I got a picture of a cassowary excluding the wire! It could be that we may see one in the wild next week … but, I hope, from a respectable distance. 


  1. Strewth. He’s a corker!!

  2. Hi Keith,
    Yes there is a lot to see at “Australia Zoo” and it has grown over the years. I remember when it first opened, it was small, but still entertaining, it is a lot different today. Such a good variety of animals, and you can even hold, touch, the animals as well. Good to hear you are enjoying yourself.

    • We missed so much that I think we’re going again tomorrow, (weather permitting). Asyou’ve probably seen advertised, tix bought in August aregood for the rest of the year.

  3. Hi Keith,
    No didn’t see the advert, what a great idea, that should be a great help for a lot of people. The weather will stay fine till Thur/Frid, then a few showers. See all that you can, and above all have fun.

    • It’s similar to the arrangement they have at Longleat. There’s no way you can see everything in a day, so, instead of a ticket, you buy a ‘passport’, which is stamped when you visit each attraction,so you can return at a future date, to see the things you didn’t visit.

      BTW, did you see the write-up on A.Z. in the Courier/Mail today? Makes me wonder if we visited the same place!

  4. Hi Keith,
    Just went to the couier mail on-line, couldn’t find any article about AZ. Had a look in the QLD section as well as entertainment, any chance you know what section?

    • Sorry; my mistake!

      ‘Twas in today’s ‘Sunday Mail’, Escapes’ section

  5. Hi Keith,
    Not on-line unfortunately, even did a search, will most likely hear about it anyway. The Escape magazine is only available when you buy a paper, which is fair enough, they have to have something extra when you pay for a paper.

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