Posted by: travelrat | July 31, 2010

The Big Pineapple & Other Stories

We’re back in Brisbane, resting up after the last four days, and here’s a summary of what we did. I shall, of course, be writing more, and posting video and pictures of all these things in the months to come.

We left Brisbane in the pouring rain, which had just about stopped by the time we reached the Big Pineapple, which I compared with Blackpool … it’s so tacky and naff that it has a certain charm.

Arriving in Rainbow Beach and checking into our accommodation, we had enough time to walk up to the Carlo Sandblow before dark. Although it was still rather grey, I managed to get up there in better conditions later for photographs.


The grey conditions persisted the following day when we visited Fraser Island, until we reached Lake McKenzie, where it brightened up considerably.


We made an early start next morning to catch a ferry to Tin Can Bay, to see the dolphins feed. Unfortunately, the dolphins didn’t turn up, so they gave us a free ticket for the following day, when one dolphin did arrive.


On the way home, we stopped at Gympie, to ride the Mary Valley Rattler, an old steam train which runs along the Mary Valley. Not only did we have a train ride, but a wine and cheese tasting … both are produced locally, and are really good, especially the cheese and the ‘chocolate port’.


I nearly bought some, but it would probably be confiscated by airport security on the way home.



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  2. Hi,
    It’s a shame that the weather wasn’t very good for you up the coast, it’s starting to clear up now though, although a bit late for you. Sounds like you had a great day out, with a train ride and wine tasting, it’s very nice there isn’t it.
    You are probably right about the airport security, I always go by the motto “if you are not sure it’s best not to take the chance” I have seen people have there purchases confiscated, and I do feel for them.

    • Indeed, it did clear up. We weren’t expecting wall-to-wall sunshine at this time of year … and one of the things we came to see is called ‘rain forest’, not ‘sunny spells with scattered showers forest’

      We think the liquids ban must be an Australian thing, Elsewhere, you are allowed to take liquid on the aircraft if you bought it airside, after you’ve passed through security.

      But, at Hong Kong, the duty-free shop refused to sell us any liquor, and they confiscated our water at the boarding gate.

      (Didn’t really matter; we got the stuff in the Brisbane duty-free shop … and it was cheaper than ‘Honkers’!)

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