Posted by: travelrat | July 27, 2010

North Shore Hinterland

If you see a picture here, the experiment worked! You see, my Netbook has no facility for sizing pictures, and, if I tied to upload stuff from my camera’s memory card, it would take ages to upload. But, if I use the still facility on my video camera, the pix are low resolution, small and upload fairly quickly.

If you don’t see a picture, there should be one of the Glasshouse Mountains … there will be, when I get home … which we saw when we went on a day-trip from Brisbane to the North Shore Hinterland, to explore the rain forest reserves, and check out the Famous Montville Pies .

But, more about that when I get home.

Today, we’re preparing for the Great Fraser Island road trip. We’ll be away for four days, and I don’t know if there’s any Internet access where we’re staying. But, I will be Tweeting from my mobile,



  1. I love the Glasshouse Mountains. Such a beautiful spot. Enjoy your road trip!

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