Posted by: travelrat | June 18, 2010

English Holiday Cruises: The Video

Gloucester: 24th April 2010

That’s about it for the Sharpness Canal and the Edward Elgar for now. Once more, my thanks to Richard, at English Holiday Cruises ( for hosting the trip, and Gerry, Jon, Liam and Jo for providing a very entertaining weekend.

And, as usual, I’m summing it all up with a video.


  1. Your photo is like a postcard. It would look great in a frame. I love it.

    The village towards the end is so quaint. Such a lovely place to live. It was also great to see the swans.

    The people who live in those houses perched right on the river have a great life. If only…..

  2. It shouldn’t surprise you that there is a Gloucester city in the U.S. In Massachusetts, to be exact, and I’ll be going there on a biz trip later this summer (it’s right outside Boston). Our Gloucester is nothing like yours (I’m basing this solely on your photos and video) but I’m sure it’s just as fabulous.

    • Not surprised in the least … do they pronounce it ‘Gloster’, like we do? … I as because in Norwich, Connecticut, the usually sound the W.

      You may be interested in my post on US place names at

      • We do indeed pronounce it the same way. I live in Virginia and we’ve stolen a lot of your town names, too. What was wrong with the Founding Fathers? I used to live in a town in Arkansas between Toad Suck and Pickles Gap… strange, yes, but originality counts for something.

  3. It does look very peaceful and what an English scene – I notice everyone has their fleeces on though.

    • Yes; although the sun was out, there was a lot of wind that weekend. I managed to get my face sunburnt because I was a little too late with the cream. Not badly, though.

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