Posted by: travelrat | June 14, 2010

La Laguna, Tenerife

La Laguna; 14th December 2009

To tell the truth, I wasn’t really looking forward to the phase of the cruise which called at the Canary Islands. Most Northern Europeans tend to regard them as one of the inexpensive resorts for sun, sand, sea, sangria and … (what’s the other S? I forget!)

But, we managed to select shore excursions which avoided the worst of the more frequented resorts. We chose a tour of Tenerife called ‘A Taste of the Local Culture, Scenery and Cuisine’, which seemed to cover most facets of the island. First, the culture:

We’d docked at the island’s main port and capital, Santa Cruz de Tenerife. We were taken first the former capital, La Laguna or, to give it its full name, San Cristobal de la Laguna; former in name only, for the University and the Cathedral, seat of the island’s Bishop, and his palace are still there.

Full marks to the guide; he just pointed the Cathedral out, and didn’t take us inside … why is it, in most cities, the guides seem to have an irresistible compulsion to conduct you around the Cathedral? With very few exceptions, if you’ve seen one, you’ve usually seen them all.

La Laguna is now a World Heritage Site, noted for its impressive 18th Century facades, and the pastel colours of some of its buildings.

We walked through these historic streets, pausing, from time to time, for a peep into the courtyard of such buildings that allow public admission. Almost without exception, they’re cool, green and quiet places, close to the bustle of the streets physically, but detached from them as if they were miles away.

The highlight of the walk was the covered market. This is the place where the local people of La Laguna do their shopping, but it still has a couple of souvenir stalls for anyone who wants such … and welcoming smiles if you just want to take photographs.



  1. The covered market looks great. I would have enjoyed that too. I think the other ‘s’ word is sombrero. Maybe sirena. 😆

  2. That tour looked like fun! Love a good market, as you know! Terry feels the same way about cathedrals (might be his Catholic upbringing) though I enjoy them – especially if they boast great art/sculpture and find them thereaupeutic (probably to do with my agnostic upbringing!).

    • I’ve no objection to visiting A cathedral now and again … it’s just that I don’t like being dragged around a succession of them. If there’s anything unusual about them, like the geese in St. Eulalia, in Barcelona, though, I’m there!

      Part of the problem is a lot of them look more like an antiques flea market than a place of worship.

      A mosque, now …. even though I’m not a Muslim, the sheer simplicity usually gives off an aura of respect, peace and admiration.

  3. ahhhhhh very good, bookmarked 🙂 keep it up, JusyKassy.

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