Posted by: travelrat | June 11, 2010

Frampton on Severn

Frampton; 24th April 2010.

On the way back to Gloucester, we moored up near Frampton on Severn, and walked into the village to stretch our legs and buy a paper.

I have mixed feelings about such villages. One man’s ‘olde-worlde’ and ‘picturesque’ are another man’s ‘twee’ and ‘chocolate boxy’ … and I’ve been known to use both descriptions, depending upon how I feel. Do ‘real’ people live here, or is it simply a backdrop for a yuppie rural fantasy, in which everyone’s the squire, and nobody’s the serfs?

A view I’ve heard expressed so often it’s almost become a cliché is ‘It’s nice, but I wouldn’t want to live here’ … a sentiment I’d go along with. While I wouldn’t mind visitors peering into my garden, or photographing my house, I don’t think I’d like to hear remarks like it’s a ‘pity’ I couldn’t install my burglar alarm or satellite dish out of view.

But, back to Frampton. It did raise a couple of questions. I found out with only a little research why there are two ‘big houses’. Frampton Manor, which was first built in the 12th Century, and added to and expanded considerably over the years was the seat of the Clifford family. But, in the 1730s, they built the grand, Palladian Frampton Court, into which they moved.

To build this, they drained a strip of marshy land in front of it, which its three ponds, became one of the largest … possibly THE largest village green in England.

But, I’m not making a judgement just yet. The two people we spoke to were helpful and friendly … and spoke with Gloucestershire accents. So, maybe it is ‘my kind of place’ after all.

(The other question, I havn’t found an answer to yet … why is the lychgate so far from the church?)


  1. It is a gorgeous place. I wouldn’t mind experiencing people peering over the wall of my beautiful stately home – just for a day or two. What a place to live!

    • >>peering over the wall <<

      I say again … PEERING over the wall! 😀

  2. Well we (at least my husband) knows a couple of people living in Frampton – we have a friend there and the head of the Clifford family was col of the TA regiment my hubby was in, so we’ve been to open days in the Clifford grounds which has a large lake

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