Posted by: travelrat | June 8, 2010

Gredos Gate

Sierra de Gredos

Usually, when a place is called ‘Gateway To ….’ anything, it’s usually miles away from it. Like, the Puerta de Gredos (Gredos Gate) hotel. But, we aren’t here to walk in the mountains; we often stay here on one of the Vaughantown English-language programmes. But, nevertheless, the Gredos mountains provide a spectacular backdrop.

The programmes don’t start till breakfast at nine o’clock, so there’s usually time for a short early-morning walk and some photography. One of my favourite places to walk is the lane in the picture, near the hotel.

I’ve visited the Puerta de Gredos several times, and photographed this same scene in all seasons, at different times of the day.

But, I believe I like this one best, taken on a crisp, clear winter morning last year. A good way, I think, to relax and unwind before the work starts.

This post has been entered into the Grantourismo and HomeAway Holiday-Rentals travel blogging competition 


  1. That is very picturesque with the snow-capped mountains in the background and the lovely stone wall. A nice place to walk, for sure!

  2. looks beautiful! good luck!

  3. What stunning mountains! I know Terry would have his eye on them with some snowboarding in mind. I’d be content to wander the lane… idyllic! Thanks so much for your entry, Keith!

  4. Trans-Iberian: cycling Spain’s ancient Via de la Plata…

    We found your article interesting and added a Trackback to it on the Madrid Informer :)…

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