Posted by: travelrat | May 24, 2010

Madeira: The Way Down

Funchal: 13th December 2009

The bus dropped us in Monte, now a hillside suburb of Funchal. A tree-shaded open space held a couple of souvenir stalls, and public toilets. Here, we had free time to wander around the square, which stood at the top of a Botanical Garden; we weren’t sure whether or not it was the Botanical Garden, but was nice to walk around, anyway. A flower-hung terrace led us to the top station of the cable car for the descent into Funchal.

On the way there, we passed another, older and more traditional method of descending the hill into Funchal. Here, you can take a two-seater wicker-work toboggan, which will slide down the hill, accompanied by the carreiros; two men who act as brakemen. This was the way the wealthy merchants who used to live in Monte used to get down to the city centre and the harbour quickly. I’m not too sure about this one, though. Carreiro sounds a bit too much like ‘career’ for me.

The cable car, by which we rode down the mountain is not as sporting a way to descend, but is much more scenic. Our coach was waiting at the bottom. But, not to return us to the ship … we couldn’t leave the island without tasting Madeira wine.

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  1. this flowers is symble of love.

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