Posted by: travelrat | May 19, 2010

French Impressions: Brittany

French Impressions-Brittany

George East

La Puce Publications ( £9.99

‘This is probably unlike any travel book or guide you have read’

These are the first words of George East’s latest offering … and a masterpiece of understatement. It’s certainly not a guide-book. A guide-book is not really something you’d read from cover to cover. But, it does cover a good amount of places George visited in Brittany, and the people he met; sometimes described in brief thumbnail sketches; sometimes in greater depth.

But, always as seen through George’s ever-open eyes; no fact … or factoid … escapes his inquisitive glance.

Running through it is the thread of his home-life, as he settles down in a rented house, meets the people … and gives a selection of recipes for the local cuisine … a subject always close to his heart.

So, really, it’s a guide-book, recipe book, history book, and personal narrative all rolled into one … even a good, readable blog that easily made a seamless transition into print.

French Impressions! What it says on the tin, really!

Read some sample paragraphs from this book at

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