Posted by: travelrat | May 7, 2010

Aboard ‘Edward Elgar’

Aboard 'Edward Elgar'

Captain Gerry

Gloucester:  23rd April 2010.
Before we set out on our cruise down the Gloucester and Sharpness Canal on the Edward Elgar, I’ll say a few words about her.
I gave details last week of her tonnage and dimensions, so now, I’ll discuss some of the less technical details. She’s a rather chubby-looking vessel, and I don’t mean that in a disparaging way at all. The speed limit on the canal is 6 knots, and it’s probably not much more on the river. So, graceful, flowing lines aren’t essential, and space and passenger comfort can take a much higher priority.
There are three decks; the eleven cabins, each with its own shower, are on the lower. The middle deck is a lounge/dining room, with a cosy bar forward, and the open bow and stern accessible at all times except when mooring.
The top deck is open, for just sitting and admiring the scenery as you glide past, or playing deck quoits. Forward of this is the wheelhouse, normally occupied by the Captain, who, as well as steering the boat, gives an entertaining commentary on what’s to be seen.
Normally, there’s a crew of four; the Captain (Gerry), the Mate (Jon), the Chef (Liam) and the Steward (Jo). However, everyone does almost everything; it’s not unusual to have your dinner served by the Captain.
The cabins are double cabins; I can only describe my own, which was the aftermost … and, as usual, I had my stuff strewn all over it before I thought to take a photo. But, it could easily accommodate two people, in comfortable bunks at right-angles to each other. And, that’s an arrangement which neatly avoids any arguments as to who gets the top one!

The Lounge/Dining Room


  1. The rooms sound very spacious. I like that the boat flows with the river. That must be quite soothing.

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