Posted by: travelrat | April 28, 2010

Amsterdam: Canal Cruise Video

Amsterdam: 17th March 2010.

Did I take any video in Amsterdam? Of course I did! There’s no better way to show what the Canal Cruise was like. Only drawback is you can hear the commentary only when you’re inside the boat, and, of course, the best position for filming is outside.

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  2. Are the houses along the canal considered to be prime real estate? It is a gorgeous spot.

    I liked the arty shot through the roof where you caught the tree branches and the top storey of the houses.

    I like all the bridges that crop up every now and then. Some of them have quite beautiful wrought iron work.

    Most enjoyable video.

    • They are indeed; they paid for the land per foot of frontage, which is why a lot of them are really multi-story corridors.

      There’s one which claims to be the narrowest house in Amsterdam; the apocryphal story is that a very rich man spared no expense in building his canal-side house, and his coachman was heard to remark he’d be satisfied with a house as wide as his master’s doorway. So ….

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  4. […] was better, I’d obtained a new camcorder since and I think I managed to improve on the video at […]

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