Posted by: travelrat | April 26, 2010

The Royal Palace and the Habous Quarter

Casablanca: 11th December 2009

Casablanca isn’t the capital of Morocco, but it has a Royal Palace. The King stays here when he’s in town, we were told. But, His Majesty wasn’t in residence at the time, and the gates were firmly shut. So, all we could do was walk around outside, and admire the architecture of the exterior. The main difficulty was photographing it, without including a soldier or policeman in the frame, which we’d been sternly warned not to do.

The Palace is right on the edge of the Habous Quarter, the main market and shopping area of the city. Can you imagine Buckingham Palace just a step away from Bond Street?

The traditional Arab medina is normally something you can cheerfully dive into and get lost for a while, but this isn’t like that. Our ‘crocodile’ led through shady streets, past colourful stalls and shop windows offering all manner of goods. We would like to have stayed awhile, and taken a longer look but time was tight, and, led by the doughty Samir, we walked right through it, but at a leisurely pace … we had plenty of time for looking and photographing, but not for shopping.

At the end, Samir took us into a building. Cool and quiet, it reminded me of the Islamic College in Marrakech, which we’d visited some years earlier. To our surprise, we were told this was the administrative headquarters of the local préfecture … the Moroccan equivalent of County Hall!

I’m back from my canal cruise, and had a most enjoyable weekend. I’ll start posting about it on Friday … and have enough ‘stuff’ to keep that particular dish going for several Fridays to come. If you can’t wait, have a look at



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  3. Will the guards confiscate your camera if they think you have snapped them? It is a stunning looking palace.

    • That’s something I wouldn’t take a chance on … some places, you could finish up in the calabozo for photographing the military.

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