Posted by: travelrat | April 2, 2010

The (Second??) Best Job in the World

Not long ago, the ‘Best Job in the World’ was advertised. There were thousands of applicants, from all over the world, for the post of ranger/warden/custodian/caretaker (call it what you will) of a tropical island off the coast of Australia. It was with a certain sense of schädenfreude that I recently read that the successful candidate was in hospital, having trodden on a poisonous jellyfish.

Lara Dunston and Terence Carter would disagree. They claim they have the best job in the world. At the moment, they’re travelling the world as partners of HomeAway Holiday Rentals ( ) , spending 2 weeks in each location, staying at a HomeAway property. And, they’re taking 12 months over it.

They blog about their adventures at ; at the time of writing, they’re near Perpignan, France and are posting about their recent stay in Barcelona. Which makes me insanely jealous; they were able to go into it in far greater depth than I could on my short visit there.

They also run a monthly writing/blogging competition, with some tempting prizes on offer. Go and take a look; they’re on my blogroll.

Safe travels, Lara and Terence … and watch out for jellyfish!

After a fairly static period, a major overhaul of the ezine JustSayGo has been completed. The magazine is now in blog format, so you can leave a comment if you wish. My first post is up at


  1. Hi Keith

    Huge thanks for your post on our project. Much appreciated.

    And thanks for your entry in the March competition. Details will go up on the April comp tomorrow & there are two RailEurope passes worth £1000 being thrown into the mix of prizes this month, so hope to see another entry from you!

    Thanks for the link too – we haven’t time to put up a links page yet, but we will (bit link the Friends page on our site) and we’ll be adding travel blogs we like, so will add you then – do nudge us when you see it up.


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