Posted by: travelrat | March 31, 2010

The View from the Top (nearly)

Amsterdam; 17th March 2010.

In Amsterdam, although the Central Railway Station is some distance from the actual centre of the city, it is the hub around which the transport system revolves. Buses, trams and, of course, intercity and local trains all start from here. Even some of the boats which offer cruises around the extensive canal system dock here, and you can even get a free ferry across the Ij river to North Amsterdam.

So, it makes sense for accommodation to be fairly convenient for this point, especially if arriving by train from Schiphol Airport, or elsewhere. The Ibis Hotel (that’s the one in Amsterdam Centre; there are 3 Ibis hotels in and around Amsterdam) is just that. Indeed, you can eat your breakfast with trains whistling a couple of yards from your elbow, causing my wife to comment that either Dutch trains are very quiet, or the double glazing is damn’ good.

The main selling point of this particular hotel in the Ibis chain is the view, which is one of the best I’ve ever seen from a hotel room.. We were on the sixth floor, in a corner room … with windows all around two walls giving a superb panorama of the city.

We only had dinner there on one night; the dining room was really the bar, giving more of the feeling of a bar snack on first glance. But, the food was superb, although the choice was rather limited. I had a Thai curry … I’ve been meaning to try Thai food for years, but the opportunity never presented itself. I will definitely try more, and in the near future.

Disclosure: I travelled to Amsterdam as the guest of bmibaby ( and was hosted by the Amsterdam Tourism and Convention Board (; )



  1. Are you telling me you have been to Sydney and have not tried Thai food? Next time you come here we must have a Thai meal together.

    That photo is glorious and your description of the panoramic view from your hotel room sounds equally so. Some of the buildings wouldn’t be out of place in London.

    • We didn’t eat out much in Sydney … I think the only ‘exotic’ meal we had was at a Portuguese restaurant.

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