Posted by: travelrat | February 26, 2010

Hadrian’s Wall Revisited

It’s only a short while since the ‘Trip Diary’ paid a short visit to Hadrian’s Wall. ( ). But, two things have happened to cause it to raise its head again.

The first is that I just completed and submitted an article on the subject; the second is that I just had Hunter Davies’ A Walk Along the Wall out from the library.

Davies did the walk, and wrote the book in the early 1970s, but in this, the latest edition, he’s added a preface, listing the changes, mainly for the better, that have happened since. There’s now a National Trail paralleling the Wall, so anyone repeating the walk will have less difficulty than Davies did. And, if you don’t feel so energetic, and don’t have a car, there’s now a bus service between Newcastle and Carlisle, calling at many places along the wall.

You’ll have no trouble remembering it … it’s Service No. AD 122; the year Hadrian visited Britain, and ordered the wall.

But,  after reading only two chapters of the book, I realised there’s much more to the wall than the two sites we visited. Definitely an excuse for further visits.


  1. I would love to see Hadrian’s Wall again. How incredible that it is still there. The bus service made me chuckle. Definitely no trouble remembering that one!

  2. Interesting article – did you hear the Eric Robson podcast about the Wall? Took a Canadian round South Lakes and she was v keen to visit it. Thanks for your comment on Quirky Travel – what’s your fav quirky place in Cumbria? Do let me know on the blog Maybe we could do an exchange post …

  3. I’ve always wanted to see Hadrian’s Wall but it’s such a journey from London. I think it looks fabulous and I can see myself spending hours there with a camera.

    You find yourself all over Europe… when will you journey to the States?

    • It’s not impossible; you can get to Newcastle or Carlisle in about 4 hours on the train, and there’s a bus service linking the two cities calling at various points on the Wall. You can’t do it in a day-trip, though … plan on spending at least one night nearby.

      Don’t have any immediate plans for the States … (I do have a cousin in San Francisco, but I haven’t heard from her for quite a while). I have actually been invited on one or two Press trips, but, for them, I’d need an I-class visa, which requires me to jump through too many hoops to get it.

      I have a friend in Denver, who keeps inviting me over to do some hiking and try the beer; I might take him up on it one day.

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