Posted by: travelrat | February 22, 2010

Back to Gatwick

Gatwick Airport: 7th/8th December 2009

As I sat in a traffic jam on the M25, I wondered … since the W is silent in Keswick, shouldn’t we correctly pronounce Gatwick as ‘Gattick’?. There was another pronunciation puzzle at the hotel near the airport, where we stayed the night, the Menzies Chequers. Do we say it the ‘correct’ Scottish way, ‘Meeng-iss’, or like the late Australian Prime Minister, ‘Men-zizz’?

Whatever, they have an excellent system there; if you stay there the night before your flight, you can leave your car in their car-park while you’re away.

We didn’t eat there, because we had already eaten on the way, but everything else was eminently satisfactory, apart from the pub next door. It’s a sort of satellite of the hotel,

and a rather cheerless, pseudo olde-worlde kind of place. They served a pint which, in the North of England, would get the cellarman hanged from the nearest lamp-post. Was this a one-off, or is urban myth correct, and they really drink it like that around here? With hindsight, maybe I should have bought a bottle of beer, rather than draught?

We didn’t bother about breakfast there the next morning, either. We just took a taxi (fixed fare) to the airport, and had a ‘full English’ at Gatwick, after we’d passed through Security, at a place where there was, allegedly, free wifi. But, I couldn’t get into it. The waitress didn’t know how, either. Let’s be fair, though. Last I heard, web-savvy wasn’t in the job description for waitresses.

It’s purely a local issue, but have a look at this, and see if there’s anyone on it you recognise:

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