Posted by: travelrat | December 7, 2009


31st August, 2009. Old Sarum

Probably one of the worst ideas the Government ever had was to move the August Bank Holiday to the last weekend in August, rather than the first. Nowadays, with the kids back at school the following week, and the days getting shorter, it usually brings on a feeling of ‘What happened to the Summer?’

Really, August marks the beginning of the end of Summer; the best of it’s usually passed, anyway. The reason for the long school holiday in August, rather than June or July was originally to release children to help out on the farms at a pretty labour-intensive time.

English Heritage usually have a re-enactment of some kind at Old Sarum over most Bank Holidays, and usually keep the best for the August Bank Holiday weekend. This year, there were a small group of pre-Norman ruffians, mediaeval knights and Napoleonic soldiers … and, as usual, I was there with my cameras.

With the still photographs, I try to cut out all the anachronisms; if I have to resort to Photoshop to take out the fat kid with the ice cream, I consider I’ve failed. With video, it’s different. I accept that I’m filming a re-enactment, not making a historical movie. But, I was thinking that some of the Roman video I took earlier would be great with footage of Hadrian’s Wall … if I’d made any!

And, that’s it for a couple of weeks! At around midday, we’re off to Gatwick, and start the cruise tomorrow. I’ll blog and tweet if/where I can … if I can’t, please keep looking in. I SHALL RETURN!!


  1. Hi Keith,
    Looks fantastic.

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