Posted by: travelrat | November 30, 2009

Return to Longleat

Longleat, 17th August 2009

So, having got home from the road trip, the situation is: Doug and Beth left us temporarily for a visit to Salzburg, and two of our grandchildren, Jack and his cousin, Megan are staying with us.

And, where better to keep kids entertained than Longleat? Now, the thing with ‘stately homes’ is that they’re pretty much of a muchness, so other ‘attractions’ have to be sought to draw in the customers and, importantly, to part them from their cash. And, few do it better than the two successive Marquesses of Bath, father and son, at their house at Longleat.

(If you want to know the difference between a Marquess and a Marquis … I have no idea; you’ll have to Google it!)

The good thing about Longleat is you don’t buy a ticket, you buy a ‘passport’ … which entitles you to a free visit later, to check out the attractions you didn’t visit first time. There will be some; I think to visit all in one day is an impossible challenge.

When we have kids with us, a visit to the Safari Park is a must. On this occasion, we couldn’t visit the Monkey Jungle, as it was closed because of an outbreak of simian herpes. Which means I got out with my windscreen wipers, radio aerial and trim intact … although I think if the rhinos felt a bit grumpy, they could do much more damage.

Other essentials are the train and the boat … although I’m always a little disappointed with the train. Why do they never seem to get their steam engine out?

The boat, though, always enthrals. I think the artificial lake is the only place in Britain where hippos can be seen in anything like their natural surroundings. I was able to get much better footage of the sea-lions, and the gorilla on his island than on previous visits … and if you’re asking ‘Where are the lions?’ … they weren’t doing anything interesting, just being lions. And, I already have footage of that.


  1. Some fabulous animals there. Were those reindeer? How wonderful. That gorilla looked mean. He’s probably sick of all the humans gawking at him. Most enjoyable vid!

    • I’ll have to get back to you on that … I think they’re fallow deer … but I seem to remember that reindeer are the only cervines where both the buck and the doe have antlers … and there are an awful lot of antlers about!

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