Posted by: travelrat | October 9, 2009

Vaughantown Video: Salamanca

Here it is … the video of Vaughantown Programme 181 at Salamanca. If anyone got left out, it’s because it was getting a little long, and I’m limited on the length and the size of the file I can upload. And, I wanted to show something of the city, too … we all did a walking tour around it on the Thursday … although, naturally, I’ve concentrated on the people.

However, I have enough unused footage to make another one, about Salamanca itself. But, that will have to take its place in the Trip Diary queue; at present, we’re still in Scotland, with Hadrian’s Wall, the Lake District, the Blackpool trams, Kenilworth and Longleat still to deal with.


  1. I really enjoy seeing all the architecture. You always have the best music accompanying your videos. It fits well!

    • There’s more video, concentrating on the sights of Salamanca, coming up, but that must take its place in the queue.

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