Posted by: travelrat | September 29, 2009

Salamanca Pictures

Click on any thumbnail to start the carousel.

They’re not all my photos this time; some were taken by Mayte Ziga, who borrowed my camera for a short while.


  1. They look like a lovely group of people. Lovely scenery too!

    • I particularly liked the picture that Mayte took of Arantxa (the lady with the camera). Beautiful composition, although I don’t think she posed her in any way, just caught the moment.

  2. Hi Keith

    sorry if I’ve bullied you into opening your comments up to the big bad world.

    Just wanted to ask you more about what you were doing in Salamanca – was it some sort og language programme? Sounded interesting.

    • That’s all right … it would seem that constructive comment will well outnumber the inane or obscene, which I still have the ability to deal with anyway.

    • A language programme indeed; have a look at, and at my Vaughantown page

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