Posted by: travelrat | September 18, 2009

Eating In Flight

According to the latest ‘Weightwatchers’ commercial, the main cause of over-eating is not hunger but boredom. I think I’d agree with that; if you’re waiting for something to happen, making a snack and a cup of coffee does help to fill the time in.

Let’s take a short hop on a commercial aircraft. Maybe you just had lunch at the airport, and a dinner awaits you at the other end. But, there’s often still coffee and sandwiches offered in flight. Once, when I flew from London/City to Antwerp, they had the trolleys out almost as soon as the wheels were off the ground, and were hard put to get them stowed away again before the arrival at Antwerp.

In actual fact, I didn’t eat the sandwiches; I stuffed them into my bag in case I felt peckish later. (Owing to a slight glitch on the other side, I did … but that’s another story)

Small wonder, then, that most European airlines are either doing away with catering facilities on their shorter routes, or, if you must have a drink or something to eat in the short time you’re airborne, they charge you for it. Some more than others …

As regular readers of my blog know, I’m off to Madrid on Saturday. The route is code-shared between British Airways and Iberia, and a strange thing is, on BA, the drinks and sandwiches are free; on Iberia, you must pay for them if you want them.

Now, in December, we’re flying to Genoa and we did wonder … should we work on the principle that ‘He who expects nothing is rarely disappointed’ and take something with us? Or, will we get fed?

But, the answer was at hand. A website called ‘Nowfly’ sent me a Press release, which contained a list of British carriers, and how much (or if) they charge if you want to eat or drink in flight. It’s at  

I did make a slight error when I posted about my ‘latest piece’ last time … I repeated a link I gave previously. The ‘latest latest’ piece is at


  1. I think it’s important for the airlines to let their passengers know whether or not food and drink will be served. It’s always a bit of a shock if you get nothing at all. Have fun in Madrid!

  2. It is important to know, especially if you might not have a chance to eat before you get on a food-less flight—then you need to prepare sandwiches or something. We’ve been caught out many times, thinking there’d be food and there wasn’t.

    • I´ve got a lot of time for QANTAS; on long-haul flights, they hand oput cards saying what you can expect to eat, and when

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