Posted by: travelrat | September 11, 2009

The Opening


When I took my walk the other day, I passed by the site of  Avon, the third of the three sculptures on Solstice Park, which I posted about at

Since they appeared to be putting the finishing touches to the sculpture which, you may remember, represents the stretch of the River Avon between Amesbury and Salisbury, I went down the following morning with my camera.

There was quite a bit of activity around the sculpture, for, purely by chance, I picked the day when they Hereby Officially Declared It Open. The proceedings started with a lively recital from the drum corps of the local Stonehenge School; I wish I’d taken a sound recorder with me; they were good.

The OpeningAfter the preliminary speeches, Robert Key MP, who was to do the business showed us he’s a man of few words. He just spoke very briefly before cutting the ribbon; would that there were more politicians like him!

I don’t think it’s quite complete … they should turf it, or maybe just let the grass grow naturally on the ‘river banks’ first. This is the final one of the trilogy, two of which have already won prestigious awards; I wonder if there’s anything in store for Solstice Park next year?



  1. What a fantastic sculpture. It is something different, for sure. Talk about good timing on your part. I hope you include some more photos of it in the future.

    • I’m not sure about this one … unlike the ‘Dragonfly’ and the ‘Mallow’, it’s not immediately obvious what it represents. Maybe when the ground’s weathered a bit, and the grass has grown?

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