Posted by: travelrat | August 28, 2009

All At Sea

Today’s post was going to be a bit of a rant (again!) but I mislaid the photograph that went with it. So, instead, I’ll tell about the cruise we’re going on in December.

We’re sailing on the Costa Serena, belonging to the Italian cruise line Costa Cruises; nothing, I am assured, to do with the coffee! I’ve had a lot of time for Costa Cruises, ever since we cruised on the Costa Atlantica in 2006, and it changed all my views on cruising. My first-ever cruise had been on a British ship two years earlier … let’s say, an on-board competition, which offered a one-week cruise as first prize, prompted me to ask the question ‘What’s the second prize? A two-week cruise?’

But, the Atlantica was a whole new experience. Free coffee 24/7; stewards who seemed like they really cared, good food and great ice-cream … and pizza! Best of all was … no stand-up comedian! I suppose the process of translating his jokes into five languages was just too laborious.

The Serena is one of the biggest ships in the fleet, with four swimming pools, five restaurants … and thirteen bars to choose from! We’re calling at Barcelona, Casablanca (one city in Morocco I haven’t visited), Arrecife and Tenerife in the Canary Islands, Funchal in Madeira and Malaga.

There’s a lot of sea-time involved … but there’s wifi available on board. So, I should be able to blog and tweet, if the price isn’t too extortionate.

Naturally, I haven’t any pictures yet … but I do have one of this rather nice model of Serena.



  1. It sounds like a post on your first cruise is in order. How horrible could a cruise be?

    • Well, even the first was paradise compared with horror tales we’ve heard/read about some of the Russian cruise lines. Now, do ferry trips count as ‘cruises’? I have a few tales to tell there, too. Like the night we all had to drink at the bar on the Isle of Man ferry. The sea was so rough, we’d have spilled most of our drinks if we’d carried them to a table!

  2. That sounds idyllic. Sadly, I can’t go on cruises as I suffer very badly from seasickness.

    Your mention of Tenerife brought back memories for me. One of my aunts used to go there every year and regale us with the romances she had there. I always think of it as ‘the place of romance’.

    • You can, you know. Most of the bigger ships are so stabilised you forget you’re on a ship … except on the occasions it gets really rough, when the mal a mer affects even those who aren’t normally affected.

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