Posted by: travelrat | August 21, 2009

Sign on a Tram


I recently spotted this sign on a Blackpool tram … and, if you want to see more of these lovely old vehicles, there’s more pictures and video to come.

But, the destination! I’m sure Mr. Starr built his gate long before Kurt Russell (Jack O’Neil), Richard Dean Anderson (Jack O’Neill) etc. were born … but, it did conjure forth expressions like:

‘SG-1, you have a go!’

‘Chevron Six Encoded!’ and

‘Doesn’t it say ‘Colonel’ somewhere on my uniform?’



  1. Classic. Is there an actual place called Starr Gate in Blackpool?

    • That’s where the tram’s going!

      (As the old joke goes: ‘It says ‘India’ on the tyres, but it doesn’t mean we’re going there!)

  2. I hope this doesn’t sound too geeky: but is that a light rail train? I’m now working in intermodal transportation and trying to figure out the difference between, um, everything.

    • I think you Americans have a more accurate word for it; you’d call it a ‘streetcar’ The main difference between that and a light railway is that a tram is subject to the same rules as a car or bus would be … ie must obey traffic lights, speed limits, etc. whereas a light railway is completely divorced from the road, and need only keep to restrictions imposed by the railway company.

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