Posted by: travelrat | August 5, 2009

The Book Is Out!!

If you liked my videos, but weren’t sure where to look to make your own, I’ve written an ebook. It’s at and can be downloaded for the princely sum of USD 5.95.

And here, I thought I’d try an experiment. I have a friend who runs a very successful business which she never advertises!  It’s all done by word of mouth, or rather, keyboard. So, have a look … even if you don’t buy it, please blog, tweet or otherwise tell your friends, colleagues and dot.comrades about it, and let’s see where it goes.

Tomorrow, we start the ‘Big UK Road Trip’, so the regular blogging, Trip Diary etc. is going to be put on hold for a week to ten days or so. I will be taking my computer, and will do some ‘live posting’ where I can but I shan’t be looking especially for wifi connections, etc. But, I will be making notes for future Trip Diary entries.


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  2. Hi Keith, I just downloaded your book. It looks really good. I’m going to read it tonight. You never know, it might mean I actually end up putting a video on my blog. Hope it’s selling well for you!

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