Posted by: travelrat | July 22, 2009

Snowdon Summit

Photo by Aneurin Phillips

Photo by Aneurin Phillips

They say that, from the summit of Snowdon, you can see six kingdoms … Wales, England, Scotland, Ireland, the Isle of Man … and the Kingdom of Heaven. Or, you could find that the cloud is down, and you can see absolutely jack doo-dah!

If you checked out the link to the Snowdon Mountain Railway I posted earlier, you’ll see the conditions I encountered on my visit. But, I wasn’t too disappointed. I’ve been on Snowdon several times, and know what I would see. And, I was here to check out the railway and the new Hafod Eryri Visitor Complex and Restaurant, not admire the view.

I’d spoken at some length, and had a companionable cup of coffee with Communications Manager Vince Hughes; I’d got lots of information and some reasonable shots of the inside. I really wanted exterior shots, to show how this excellent building blends in with the mountain, rather than stand out from it like the ugly, intrusive bunker it replaced.

That was not to be … the visibility outside was down to about five yards, and it was, as they say, sufficiently frigid for the emasculation of a brazen simian.

But, you can see what it’s like by visiting  Or, the accompanying photograph by Aneurin Phillips, reproduced here with permission. You can see more of Aneurin’s work at


  1. I really like that you can supposedly see the six kingdoms from the summit. That kind of mythology is right up my street!

  2. It’s not an original thought by any means … it’s almost a clichéd saying. (Like Petra: ‘… half as old as time’ etc) But, it still works!

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