Posted by: travelrat | July 17, 2009

Work in Progress



The other day, I needed a bit of a leg-stretch and a think, so I took my ‘virtual dog’ for a walk. Now, virtual dogs are very useful animals to have … rather than drag you out at all hours in all weathers, like a real dog does, you walk your virtual dog when YOU like. And, he doesn’t need feeding, and doesn’t smell nearly as much.

Anyway, my way took me past the site of the third of the three Solstice Park sculptures, and they were working on it. As I’ve said before, when it’s complete, it’ll be a representation of a stretch of our local river, the Avon.

Supervising the work was the artist in charge, sculptor Charlotte Moreton, and I was able to get a few words with her. I’ll post again when the work is completed; if you want to see more of Charlotte’s work in the meantime, she’s at



Meanwhile, my Snowdonia piece went live last night … it’s at or, it should be; it’s rather hinky at the moment and I’m not sure whether it’s an issue with my computer, with Outlook Express or with the site. Probably one of the first two; on my other computer, which has Firefox, it’s fine.


There’s also some video up at ; I’m not going to embed it; I will, in the course of time, do a longer version for you to see.




  1. Hi Keith,
    I’ve been traveling a lot lately and have only been on internet very sporadically. But, today I looked at your video on the canal and locks—very nice and must have been fun to do. How did you choose the music?
    Heard that you met up with Denise Dube—that’s great!

  2. I wanted jolly, bouncing and rustic … something like the ‘Captain Pugwash’ theme … and the sound track from my ‘Morris Men’ video (I recorded it seperately) seemed to me to fit the bill perfectly.

    Yes, I contribute regularly to Denise’s ‘Global Foodie’

  3. Excellent article. You inspire me by how prolific you are with your work. Always interesting!!

  4. […] When I took my walk the other day, I passed by the site of  Avon, the third of the three sculptures on Solstice Park, which I posted about at […]

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