Posted by: travelrat | June 24, 2009

Aussie Pies in Bournemouth

 Pie StallI’ve written in praise of the Aussie Pie in several places, and it’s often the first thing I buy when I visit there, and feel a little peckish. But, what I failed to mention is you don’t have to go to iconic establishments such as Harry’s Café de Wheels, in Sydney or Balfour’s Pie Cart in Adelaide. You can just about buy one anywhere.

And, as I found the other week, ‘anywhere’ includes the English seaside resort of Bournemouth!

There’s a kiosk called ‘Jumbucks’ on the promenade, at the approach to the pier. I was prepared for disappointment, though. After all, only the other day, I’d thrown a so-called Melton Mowbray pork pie away half-eaten. And, in several places, I’ve had a crust filled with a tasteless mush that had the cheek to call itself a Cornish pasty. In both cases, though, the genuine article is worth walking miles for.

But these pies are the genuine … or should I say ‘dinkum’? … article. One bite of the ‘Aussie Rules, and I closed my eyes and was transported to the many places I’ve enjoyed pies. Probably the favourite was the Mary Ann Reserve, at Mannum, on the River Murray, where we were waiting to board the Murray Princess, and trying not to share our pies with an over-importunate pelican.

No pelicans at Bournemouth, though … just the firm crust, the succulent gravy and real diced beef. And, to prevent burning your fingers, it even came in the Dinkum Pie Bag.

Pie Stall 2



  1. I can’t believe they are selling Aussie pies in Bournemouth. Glad they’re delicious. You really can’t beat a good pie.

    • I couldn’t believe it at first, either. But, I believe there’s a place in Australia (near Broken Hill, I think) where most of the inhabitants are the descendants of Cornish miners … and they still do a Cornish pasty as good as any you’ll get in Padstow or Penzance.

      So, why not?

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