Posted by: travelrat | June 22, 2009

Return to the Locandita

Madrid. 13th March 2009

Once more, Friday night found me at the Locandita.

When I visited the previous week, I didn’t take part in the activities, because they were well under way by the time I arrived. I didn’t want to interrupt, so I spent the time talking to Mike Monroy, who’d issued the invitation and the owner of the bar, also a member of Toastmasters International, whose plaque can be seen on the wall.

Although I’m in no way a qualified teacer, I like helping people to learn English … if I was completely xenophobic, I’d say it helps me, because it means I don’t have to learn foreign languages. But, I’m not … I like learning other languages because it gets you talking and listening, rather than just listening t the lecturer.

This time, I arrived at 148, Calle Fuencarral in plenty of time, and was able to join the others in a basement room. One activity I particularly liked was the one where we formed small groups, to be given a subject to discuss. The subjects chosen called for us to discuss ideas in English, of which I approved because so many people think they can speak a foreign language, when really, all they can do is state facts (exchange pleasantries, order food, ask for directions, complain about the hotel room, etc.)

I was reminded of my friend Didier. ‘Si tu peux discuter des affaires politiques avec un français, tu peux parler français’ (If you can talk politics with a Frenchman, you can speak French)


Gordon Brown es un ano de caballo!

I can speak Spanish!!!


  1. It sounds like you just said something rude about Gordon Brown, not that I speak Spanish or anything…. 😉

    • Correct! Caballo is ‘horse’ and ano you can probably guess.

      I found this word by mistake … I meant to write año but forgot the tilde. Fortunately, Carlos was rather amused by being wished a happy new arse! 😀

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