Posted by: travelrat | June 19, 2009

A New Bournemouth Bus Ride

Bus Compo

Visitors frequently come to this blog asking question  ‘Are there any buses from Bournemouth to Stonehenge?’  Up to now, they wouldn’t find an answer here, but I believe in telling visitor what they want to know, rather than what I think they want to know.

  The answer is, there is no direct service, but if you catch the Wilts and Dorset X3 service from Gervis Place, it will take you to Salisbury, where you can transfer to the Stonehenge Tour. ( )

The journey to Salisbury will take about 90 minutes, and will cost no more than £7.50 return. That’s the price of a Wilts and Dorset ‘Explorer’ ticket, which is good for the day, and will permit you to ride any W&D service as many times as you like. But, be advised this ticket is NOT valid for the Stonehenge tour!

Most of the buses on the X3 route are new, and are painted in a distinctive livery for that route. Also new, also painted in a distinctive livery are the open-top buses on Route 50 to Swanage ( ).

These buses are, actually, ‘half-decked’; the front half of the top deck is enclosed, and only the rear half open. And, they’re ‘convertibles’, in that a roof can be put on for use in winter.


For further information about timetables, etc. go to


  1. That is one fancy looking convertible bus. I wouldn’t mind a ride in it myself!

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