Posted by: travelrat | June 12, 2009

My Mallow


This appeared in my garden last week. It’s not unusual for wild flowers to self-seed themselves in my flower beds; generally I let them be. But, I’ve lived here 13 years, and this is the first time a mallow has appeared. You may remember, I posted a picture of a mallow, and the sculpture it inspired last year. Could this be the flower’s way of saying ‘Thank You!’?

The Mallow was the second of three sculptures produced by engineering apprentices at Qinetiq, under the direction of artist Charlotte Moreton, and work is well under way on the third, which should be ready by the end of the month.

This is a representation of our local river, the Avon … not Shakespeare’s Avon; would you believe there are seven rivers called the Avon in the British Isles. Not surprising, really, it comes from the ancient British and modern Welsh word afon, meaning … you’ve guessed it! … ‘a river’!

I do have a slight reservation, though. The site for the sculpture crosses a public bridleway. Will they divert it around the sculpture, or will they allow us to ‘wade across the river’?


  1. I think the mallow has appeared to thank you. It is a pretty flower, isn’t it?

    I had no idea Avon meant river. I feel embarrassed admitting it. It’ll be interesting to see what they do about the bridleway.

    • To add to the confusion … the River Avon in Scotland is pronounced ‘Ahn’ !!

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