Posted by: travelrat | June 8, 2009

Llanos de Tormes-video

Gredos: 11th March 2009.


This morning, I got something that rarely happens on Vaughantown programmes. Two ‘back-to-back’ free periods! Now, I’ve often commented that the town of Barco de Avila is just a little too far to walk to in the time allowed for a ‘one to one’; today, I had plenty of time to go into Barco if I wished.

But, I didn’t need anything in town, and we would be going there in a body later, anyway. In the other direction lies a village called Llanos de Tormes, which you can just about see from the limit of a ‘normal’ walk. And, as you always do with something you can see, but not normally reach, I wanted to check it out.

Truth to tell, there’s not a lot there. I didn’t have time to explore the whole village, but I found no shop, and no bar. I did find the church … I couldn’t really miss it; it’s the tallest building around, with an untidy stork’s nest on the top of the tower. But, if you like vernacular rural architecture, or just nice scenery, Llanos has it in plenty.

I did take some video, but kept it separate from the ‘main’ Gredos video because, as I said, it’s a sight not often seen. Here it is.


  1. Excellent. I love your Just A Minute videos. They really are a great idea!

    • I’ve got some more … canal barges, dray horses and steam traction engines … to go up.

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