Posted by: travelrat | June 1, 2009

Tongue Twisters and Lizards

Gredos, 10th March 2009

The evening entertainment on Vaughantown programmes can take many forms. So far, we’ve had singers, comedians (well, I got a laugh or two) flamenco dancers, demonstrations of folk dance and presentations on Chinese cooking to name but a few.

Tonight, one of the Spanish participants gave some examples of English and Spanish tongue twisters. Now, my main interest in the tongue twister is the pre-breathalyser days, when I used to dread being pulled over by the cops on suspicion of driving under the influence. Because, even when stone-cold sober, I cannot, to save my life, say ‘The Leith police dismisseth us!’

The presentation contained what I think is another completely impossible one. ‘How many sheets would a sheet-slitter slit if a sheet-slitter would slit sheets’. Go on, try it … I’ll bet you can’t say it without saying THAT word at least once.

Which brings me to the lizards. If I wanted to photograph lizards, I was told, there were a lot near the ‘ … how do you say? The place where they clean the sheet’.

‘The laundry?’ I asked, slightly puzzled for, as far as I know, the Hotel Puerta de Gredos has no such facility. In fact, I’d seen dirty linen being loaded on to a van, and clean linen unloaded that very morning.

‘No, not sheet! SHEET!!’

Then the penny dropped … and, had the positions been reversed, I’d have probably said the Spanish equivalent, for I don’t know the Spanish for ‘sewage treatment plant’.

But, sure enough, the lizards were there, and here’s the best of the pictures I took.

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  2. How many sh*ts……I can’t even type it without messing up. LOL.

    Aww, that lizard is so cute.

    Would love to see your comedy routine!

    • I had to share that; I’ve been shitting sleets for nearly three months now. I’ll post some of the jokes from my routine when I can’t think of anything else to write about. 😀

  3. Nice post, Keith!
    How about this one:
    The sixth Sheik’s sixth sheep’s sick?

    • Fancy a French one?

      Combien ces six saucissons-ci? C’est cent soixante-six sous, ces six saucissons-la

      To my regret, I didn’t record the Spanish ones he gave us.

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