Posted by: travelrat | May 18, 2009

Another Departure for Gredos


This picture was taken on a previous visit. I’m not sure Nicole works for Vaughan Systems any more. And, the thermometer behind her head is a bit of a give-away, too. No way will you find that temperature in Madrid on a Sunday morning in March!

Madrid, March 7/8th 2009.

Finally, we get around to the reason I’m in Spain again; another Vaughantown programme at Gredos. Like all programmes, it starts on Saturday night with a tapas party for the ‘Anglos’ on the upper floor of the ‘Alemandro’, overlooking the Plaza de Chamberi. This is where you meet the other English-speakers, and the Director and MC of your programme.

It’s also where, if you’re still in any doubt where to catch the bus in the morning, they’ll take you to a window, and point the pick-up point out to you.

Once more, I passed on the breakfast at the Torrelaguna Travelodge, and made my way to the Plaza de Chamberi. In the old Englishtown days, programmes started on a Friday, and there was usually somewhere to get a coffee while you waited for the bus; now, they start on a Sunday, where, at that time of the morning, everywhere is usually closed.

But, since my last visit, there’s a new coffee bar, the Café y Té, in the Plaza. It was open, and, in addition to coffee and tea they sell great snacks. What’s more, they offer free wi-fi.

I hadn’t bothered to buy online time at the Travelodge, because I knew there was a free connection at Gredos, and I could survive not going online for 48 hours. But, I thought I’d take the opportunity to check my email, so got out my Netbook … which I’d forgotten to charge after showing off some pictures and videos, and doing my notes the previous night.


Another piece went live this week. It’s at


  1. Great piece. The cheese sounds fantastic, particularly with walnuts and dried apricots. Mhmmmm

    • I saw Reblochon in the supermarket today … shrink-wrapped!. If the savoyards could see that, they’d probably declare war, or something!

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