Posted by: travelrat | April 6, 2009

More Butterflies


Leeds: 8th November 2008,

By popular request …

It just so happens I was asked to dish about Tropical World just as I’d decided I couldn’t leave Roundhay Park without mentioning it.

I’ve already posted the video I took there. It’s at  and I considered it a good place to learn how to video and photograph them. It’s in a sandstone building, surrounded by gardens right by the road. There have always been gardens there, grouped around a little rectangular artificial lake called The Canal.

It used to be called Butterfly World, and cost nothing to get in. But, since many other kinds of flora and fauna have been added, it’s now called Tropical World, and costs three quid to get in … unless you have the Leeads Citizen Card, when it still costs nothing,

Anyway, I said I was going to make a video of wild butterflies, so let’s fast-forward five months, and move to the south of England, where I made a start last week.

Just a short walk from where I live is a butterfly reserve. It’s a long-abandoned railway cutting, and is notable for the fact it’s never had any fertiliser or herbicide on it; when the undergrowth got too thick, the fireman of a passing locomotive would simply throw out a few hot coals.

I say made a start … there were butterflies about, but, as they usually are in early Spring, were restless and skittish, so all I got was a Tortoiseshell which refused to open its wings. But, it’s early days yet; there’s all summer to come.



  1. Such gorgeous creatures, Keith. I’m glad you managed to see a few.

  2. Thanks so much for this, Keith. You know how I love my butterflies. To have a reserve near your house must be amazing. Love the photos.

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