Posted by: travelrat | March 30, 2009

Roundhay Park



Leeds, 9th November 2008

They say that Roundhay Park is one of the largest parks in Europe. They aren’t foolish enough to claim it’s THE largest park in Europe. There are others which could give them a pretty fair argument about that. The Retiro Park, in Madrid, for one. Another is the Great Park in Dresden, into which they claim they could fit the Principality of Monaco, and still have space left over.

I don’t think Roundhay Park is far off that.

But, what’s hard to believe is this was once the property of one man, the garden surrounding the mansion he had built. And, I’ve lived on smaller farms! If I’d written this forty years ago, this would probably be a rant about the ‘obscenity’ of one person owning so much!

Nowadays, though, it’s all public.

If you like, you can put on a track suit and personal stereo. and pound grim-faced around its tracks, Or, as most people do, stroll gently around them, with or without your dog. Or, ride a bike, skateboard or even, in summer, ride around on the little land-train. But, whichever way you choose, it’s unlikely you’ll see it all in one visit.

There are two substantial lakes, in which it’s possible to fish. But, not to swim … frequent notices say how dangerous it is, and promise stringent penalties for survivors.

There’s also a castle … or rather, a copy of a castle gatehouse. When the park was laid out, the owner thought the place needed a ruined castle. So, he just said ‘Build me a ruined castle!’ and behold …. !!

Another feature is Butterfly World. But, that’s maybe a subject for another post. All I’m going to say at this stage is make sure you have plenty of film, or plenty of memory in your camera.


  1. Butterfly World. We want Butterfly World!

    I can’t believe that used to be one man’s garden. Can you imagine mowing the lawn? 😆

    • Look in tomorrow! I have a piece about Butterfly World in preparation.

      As to grass-mowing, it probably wouldn’t be too bad if you had a horse-drawn, ride-on mower. But, it’s probably more likely they just turned the cattle or sheep out onto it once in a while.

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