Posted by: travelrat | March 25, 2009

The First of Spring

Saturday was the Spring Equinox. That’s the day when day and night are of equal length, and from here on in, the days get longer and the nights shorter. It’s generally accepted as the first day of Spring, although my attitude is usually ‘God! That’s a quarter of the year gone already!’We do have a couple of informal ceremonies to mark the occasion; ‘The Getting Out of the Patio Furniture’ and ‘The Switching On of the Fountain’. It’s switched off throughout the Winter, because, if the reservoir freezes, it could burn the motor out.

Really, it’s a cascade rather than a fountain, but that’s being a bit too pernickety. I refuse to call it a ‘water feature’, lest I be accused of having nothing better to do in the afternoons than watch gardening programmes on cable..

I like my fountain; so do the birds. I believe it attracts more birds than my feeders do. And, as you can see, my grandchildren like it, too!



  1. Seeing as how you live near Stonehenge, do all the weirdos come out for the seasonal changes for some type of ceremony?

    • Pam: I don’t think so; if they do, it’s very, very low key … I don’t think English Heritage open up the site as they do at the Solstices. I did hear rumours of something happening at Avebury, but that’s an open site, accessible any time.

      Selma: It’s hard to believe that the eldest one wants a car and driving lessons for her 17th birthday (last Wednesday … I don’t think she got them!)

  2. Your grandchildren are adorable. Look how happy and healthy they are. However, I am sure they are itching to call your ‘fountain’ a water feature. LOL.

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